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It requires hard work, long hours, and lots of patience to do what we do, but when you see a child succeed, it is so worth it. That's why it is also important to pursue high-level learning opportunities to become more effective, efficient, and successful as an SLP.

We genuinely hope you will participate in as many webinars as possible. All eight webinars were thoughtfully developed through the collaboration of all twenty education service centers, and are so conveniently delivered right to your computer. Remember, the more effective and efficient you are, the more children you will be able to help. Whatever it takes, right? Click on the session numbers for to register or get more information.


Sept 15  /  The Ethics of ACC:  Providing Robust Communication for All Students  /  334126


Oct 20  /  Envision and Define Inclusive Related Service Practices  /  334133


Nov 17  /  Strategies for Introducing Inclusive Related Service Practices  /  334134


Jan 26  /  Partners in Literacy and Learning  /  334135


Feb 16  /  Literacy in AAC: Strategies and systems for Purposeful Instruction  /  334136


Mar 23  /  Cognitive Underpinnings of Speech Sound Disorders: Implications for Reading Ability  /  334137


Apr 20  /  Addressing Swallowing & Feeding in the Schools: Problems & Solutions  /  334138


May 18  /  Swallowing & Feeding Therapy: Start with Safety, Work Toward Independence  /  334139