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TEA 2018 Accountability Manual

Chapters 1–9 of the 2018 Accountability Manual are now available. Because of the required administrative rulemaking process, these chapters are not yet final. The public comment period on the proposed rules (including the manual) opens Friday, May 18, 2018, and closes on Monday, June 18, 2018. Public comments may be made through the TEA website or

Please note that the scaling formulas for F and scaled scores 30–59 shown on page 49 have been corrected. The correct formulas are shown in the attached PDF.

Chapters Currently Available for Public Comment

“Chapter 1—Overview of 2018 Accountability” briefly describes the 2018 accountability system.

“Chapter 2—Student Achievement Domain” provides the methodology used to calculate the Student Achievement domain.

“Chapter 3—School Progress Domain” provides the methodology used to calculate the School Progress domain.

“Chapter 4—Closing the Gaps Domain” provides the methodology used to calculate the Closing the Gaps domain.

“Chapter 5—Calculating 2018 Ratings” describes the methodology used to assign accountability ratings.

“Chapter 6—Distinction Designations” describes the methodology used to award distinction designations.

“Chapter 7—Other Accountability System Processes” describes the campus pairing process and alternative education accountability provisions.

“Chapter 8—Appealing the Ratings” describes the process for appealing ratings.

“Chapter 9—Responsibilities and Consequences” describes the responsibilities of TEA, the responsibilities of school districts and open-enrollment charter schools, and the consequences to school districts and open-enrollment charter schools related to accountability and interventions.

Scaling Tool

In order to align letter grades and scores used in the A–F academic accountability system to the common conception of letter grades, raw domain and component scores are adjusted, or “scaled.”

Performance Reporting has developed a scaling tool to assist with the conversion of raw domain and component scores to scaled scores. Please note, the graduation rate component does not use the scaling process. This component is scaled using a conversion table provided in the scaling tool. The methodology and formulas for scaling domains and components are provided in Chapter 5 of the 2018 Accountability Manual.

Please note that this tool functions best in Chrome and Firefox and is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

The remaining chapters and appendices will be posted throughout the summer. Additional information about the 2018 accountability system is available on the 2018 Accountability webpage.