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School Improvement

School Improvement

Region 18 ESC was selected by TEA in July 2017 to develop and implement a Professional Service Provider (PSP) pilot.  This project seeks to develop a comprehensive plan to build in structures and processes to support collaboration between the LEAs and Region 18 in all school improvement efforts. The goal of this program is to support TEA’s priority of improving student performance. Region 18 ESC has developed a comprehensive plan to cultivate a culture in which current instructional leaders and classroom teachers work together to continually answer two key questions: What does great instruction look like? How customized results-driven plan to achieve the campus’s desired results.


SUPPORT AT A GLANCE (Includes, but is not limited to):


• A-F training-accountability update


• TAIS training (if required)


• Master schedule planning


• Creating and sustaining a culture of adult learners (PLC)


• Data Analysis system for ongoing review/response


• Time Management for implementation of T-TESSwith fidelity


• Backwards Design & Common Assessment Development


• How to maximize instructional planning at the Rigor level of STAAR


• Development of monitoring pieces for follow-through


• Leading instructional conversations using reading data with primary teachers (elementary only)


• Walkthroughs: scheduling, coaching conversations using T-TESS, gathering data for trends


• Progress monitoring and reporting


• Goal setting for next year


• School Improvement Plan quarterly reporting


• Support implementation of all campus intervention requirements as outlined in the Title I School Improvement Process


• Serve as a liaison to TCDSS and TEA


• Campus support participants include campus principals, teachers, and instructional support staff