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Why Choose Teach18

  • Teach18 now offers an online or face to face option for becoming certified
  • A variety of teacher certification areas
  • High standards for admission and acceptance of applicants
  • Texas Education Agency state-wide approval program
  • Excellent reputation with local district and charter schools
  • Effective real world and relevant classroom preparation
  • Research based and flexible coursework schedules
  • Cost effective program
  • Coaching and continual support during internship/teaching practicums


A Bright Future on the Horizon

There’s a bright future on the horizon for West Texas—a future driven by a growing economy, a caring community, and an excellent education for every student. That future begins with great teachers and administrators.

Fill a critical role in West Texas school

Are you ready to inspire—and be inspired? Teach 18 will prepare you to fill a critical role in our West Texas schools, teaching high-need subjects like Bilingual, English as a Second Language, STEM, and Special Education. 


Master the skills to help students reach their full potential

Prepare for a career focused on the future. Teach 18 provides hands-on training in real classrooms, and ongoing support to help you master the skills you need to inspire West Texas students to reach their full potential. 



For more information about our ONLINE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, click here.

For more information about our FACE TO FACE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, click here.