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Service Description

Through the Tailor-Made Platinum package, districts will focus on growing as educational entities by cultivating a healthy school culture and improving student learning with priority scheduling. Districts will experience a systemic approach to moving beyond the ordinary that includes lesson planning networks and a customized professional development plan that meets the goals and needs of the district. Additionally, this package provides opportunities to grow teacher leaders in the STEM disciplines. Professional development focusing on Leadership, Curriculum & Assessment, and Instructional Planning and Delivery is highlighted below for districts/campuses to pursue a customized plan to meet identified academic learning needs.

Districts/campuses electing the Tailor-Made Platinum plan must meet the deadline of May 1, 2019, in order for appropriate preparations to be made.

Lesson Planning Networks

This 6-part professional development series will immerse teachers in an in-depth examination and analysis of TEKS in the four core content areas (Math, Science, English Language Arts/Reading, and Social Studies) using TEKS Resource System. For each unit, participants will plan with the end in mind using assessments and unit-level specificity to develop rigorous lessons. Lesson Planning Networks will be offered in grade bands and hosted at ESC 18.

Building Exceptional Schools

This 6-part series is designed to guide schools in establishing goal-oriented systems, incorporating targeted strategies, and implementing practices that meet the needs of all students.  Building Exceptional Schools encourages instructional leaders to cultivate the culture necessary to further your schools’ progress towards becoming EXCEPTIONAL.  Each segment will build upon the previous and commitment to all sessions is encouraged.

STEM Collaborative for Teacher Leaders

The goal of the Region 18 STEM Collaborative for Teacher Leaders is to improve teaching and learning in the STEM fields by providing teachers with practical, research-based ideas and activities they can implement in their classrooms. Through this program, five selected teachers from the district can participate in fee-waived professional development in the areas of science, technology integration, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. These professional development experiences will focus on growing teacher leaders, enhancing content knowledge, and developing instructional practice.

Beginning Teacher Academy

Professional learning opportunities and a system of support throughout the school year will be provided to beginning teachers.


Tailor Made Platinum

Tailor-Made PD Plans for Excellence

* 10 On-Site Consultant Days

Tailor-made on-site professional development support will be designed based on the needs and goals of the district. The following is an illustrative (but not inclusive) list of topics that could be developed for on-site customized support.



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