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escU Online Learning

We are an online professional development delivery system conceived for Texas education professionals built upon a customized instance of Instructure’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).
Designed for education professionals, escU houses easy to access, cutting-edge, online and blended learning.
In escU, education professionals come first, content is designed to create an inclusive, lossless learning environment for a variety of users.
escU fosters profound reflection in an environment where deep change in adult behavior is stimulated by human-led, collaborative course content.
escU ensures users have access to credit-bearing professional development sessions: when needed, with fewer barriers, in an easy-to-use organic format, that fit any variety of schedules and needs.
Most sessions in escU are designed for Texas education professionals.
However, anyone from any location or any point in their career may open an account and enroll in sessions.
All escU sessions are human-led, allow deep and diverse consideration of topics, and most are designed to be fully asynchronous and flexible with any schedule.
With escU, you only pay for what you use. Browse the catalog of sessions at to see a full list of offerings and session pricing.