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THL 3.0 / Schoology

All Texas Home Learning instructional materials will be available in Schoology, hosted on the vendor's website, or will be available to integrate into the existing district LMS
UPCOMING Webinars:
  • Math 6-12: Getting Started with Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution: Wednesday, September 9 at 1pm
  • K-5 Science: Thursday, September 10 at 1pm (Includes materials release)


  • K-12 RLA: Friday, September 11 at 1pm  (Materials release to be announced at later date)
TEA-Schoology Offering Overview; Engage students and advance digital learning with Schoology (PDF)
Monitor Online Attendance with Schoology; Track engagement and manage attendance during remote instruction (PDF)
Support Learning for All with Schoology; Adopt an LMS designed with accessibility in mind (PDF)
Nicole Gabriel
Nicole Gabriel - Chief Instructional Officer
Chris Enriquez
Chris Enriquez - Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Analytics