Reading Academy Registration

Registration Begins July 1, 2020
Step 1:  Locate TEA Unique ID
This is a 10 digit number that is assigned to educators and accessed in their TEAL profile  For this project, it will be used to create each user's Canvas account. 
If a user is an educator and DOES NOT YET have a TEAL profile, follow instructions using this TEAL Access Instructions for Educators PDF to create one

Once you have TEAL access, this TEA Help Desk Find your Unique ID  page will walk you through the steps of finding your 10 digit Unique ID. 

If having trouble with this step, please  submit a request  with the TEA Help Desk.  

Step 2:  Go to TEA Learn Catalog

All educators must visit Catalog at to create an account, enroll in the Reading Academy course associated with Region 18 and select a purchase option to complete course enrollment. 
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Step 3:  Select & Enroll in a Reading Academy Course


In Catalog, each user will need to search for a course that meets their assignment and course selection criteria. 

  • Which Authorized Provider are they working with? Region 18
  • Which format: Blended or Comprehensive?
  • Which course type?    This is based on the learner's assignment.
  • Assignments fall into three main categories: General, Bilingual, or Administrator. 
  • When do they plan to start the course? July 13th Cohort or August 10th Cohort
Step 4:  Begin Registration & Payment

Register for a Canvas Account in Catalog

When prompted, the learner will fill out the user registration form for a Canvas account so that they can begin the enrollment process.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email at the address provided in the user registration form. The link in the email allows you to complete the registration process and set up a password. 


*TEA ID is 10 digit Unique ID


*Assignment Options Include:

  • Teacher, Pre-K
  • Teacher, Kindergarten
  • Teacher, First grade
  • Teacher, Second grade
  • Teacher, Third grade
  • Teacher, Fourth grade
  • Teacher, Fifth grade
  • Teacher, Sixth grade
  • Teacher, Secondary
  • Teacher, Bilingual
  • Teacher, Dual language
  • Teacher, Special education
  • Teacher, Gifted and talented
  • Teacher, Electives or specials
  • Principal
  • Assistant principal
  • Central office administrator
  • Superintendent
  • Instructional coach
  • Paraprofessional
  • Certification program candidate
  • State or Federal agency
  • ESC staff
  • Other – not listed

Select Payment Option

  1. Select “Proceed to Payment”,
  2. If using a PO as payment, select the PO payment provider during the checkout process in order to enroll in a Catalog course.
  3. Specify the district and campus, to appropriately associate payment with your district.

Once you have successfully completed these steps, you will be enrolled in the course and should receive an email invite to join the course and complete registration. 

Step 5: Complete Registration
If the learner does not yet have a Canvas account for the Canvas Catalog site, they will need to complete their registration. This will allow them to  create a password and log in to catalog. They will not be able to begin a course until they have completed their registration
Open email client, then open the registration email from Canvas. To complete your registration, click the Click here now to finish the registration process link.
1. Create a password in the password field.
2. In the Time Zone drop-down menu choose your preferred time zone.
3. Agree to the terms of use by clicking the terms of use checkbox 
4. Then click the Register button
Step 6: Begin Course Work

Begin the Reading Academy course in Canvas on your scheduled cohort date

The learner can begin a course in the In Progress tab of their dashboard. However, they cannot begin a course until the course start date. 

Note: If enrolling through Catalog, one must begin each course in Catalog. Canvas does not enroll a user in a course or display the course in Canvas until they click the Begin Course button.

In the catalog dashboard, view the In Progress tab.

To return to the catalog dashboard, click the Canvas logo.

Once in the course, this lesson on how to use the course homepage will be helpful.