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Getting Started with Distance Learning

Before diving into Teleschool or Remote Learning, here is a great blog and checklist of possibilities and needs shared by TCEA: Teleschool Ready

Google classroom logo. Yellow box with green inner box and shapes of three people in the center

Google Classroom
Simplifies creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.
Click here to get started 

Microsoft Teams logo Chat, meet, call and collaboration features integrated with Microsoft Office software.

Technical Specifications: Free software download

NEO logo

Free web-based platform to utilize in the creation of a virtual school/class.

Technical Specifications: Web-based

Click here to see a demo school.

Log in with the user id “demoteacher” and password “demoteacher“.

Communication and Engagement Resources:
adobe connect icon square shaped of green

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that supports- video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, Q&A, document sharing, etc.

Technical Specifications: Those participating are not required to install anything. It also requires no configuration. Web-based.

Notes: Free 90-day access for Adobe Connect, until July 1st, 2020. Individuals and business who aren’t customers can now use Adobe Connect rooms with up-to 25 participants for free for up to 90 days if they sign-up for a trial license between now and July 1st. Click here to start your trial.

zoom icon

Free Zoom access to all K-12 schools- can be used to create interactive instruction via the use of videoconferencing.

Technical Specifications: Web-based; Participants will receive a link from the video conference host.


Nearpod logo. The word Nearpod. Near is in orange letters and pod is in bluish-green. an unconnected orange and blue box type shape is to the left of the word.o

Software to create lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.

Technical Specifications: Web-based; No cost access provided to schools.


edpuzzle icon. The words edpuzzle in black with a yellow and orange puzzle piece next to it

Video lesson creation software with metrics.

Technical Specifications: Web-based; offering free access to schools impacted by COVID-19.

Notes: Edpuzzle Covid-19 Support

Resources for Preparation:

Distance Learning Best Practices, Tips, and Tools for Teachers

Category: Distance Learning Best Practices

Audience: Admin/Teachers

Description: Region 4 ESC shares best practices, tips, and tools for distance learning.


Sharing Coronavirus Contingency Planning Best Practices

Category: Distance Learning Best Practices

Audience: Admin/Teachers

Description: Blackboard provides best practices for creating and sustaining an distance learning environment.


Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures

Category: Distance Learning Planning-Logistics

Audience: Teachers

Description: Edublogger's Kathleen Morris provides support with the logistics associated with setting up an online learning environment. (i.e. daily structure, using interactive components, setting up your home base, etc.)

Preparing to Take School Online? Here Are 10 Tips to Make It Work

Category: Distance Learning Planning-Logistics

Audience: Administrators/Teachers

Description: Reshan Richards and Stephanie J. Valentine of EdSurge share 10 tips to support the success of online instruction.


Universal Design for Learning

Category: Distance Learning Planning-Logistics

Audience: Administrators/Teachers

Description: A framework designed to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. The UDL framework guides the design of instructional goals, assessments, methods, and materials that can be customized and adjusted to meet individual needs. This philosophy and the standards designed based on the UDL Guidelines are standards and methods that virtual learning instructors rely on to help run their virtual learning classrooms and environments.


Resources for Learning at Home When Schools Close (UPDATED)

Provider: The New Teacher Project

Category: Distance Learning Best Practices/Resources

Audience: Administrators/Teachers

Description: A collection of resources to support at home learning via a blog by Crystal Harmon.


Distance Learning Readiness Kit

Provider: Schoology

Category: Distance Learning Planning-Logistics

Audience: Administrators/Teachers

Description: A collection of resources put together by Schoology to help districts/campuses with distance learning.