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Letter from Executive Director, Dr. Dewitt Smith

The mission of Region 18 Education Service Center is to serve as a first-choice partner in meeting the educational needs of all students in Region 18. We service our districts by collaborating with the schools and communities in Region 18 to promote quality instruction in order to maximize student performance at every campus in Region 18. We are excited about the quality professional development trainings and services offered through Region 18 ESC. Over 88,000 students of the 33 districts and seven charter schools in our region will benefit from the collaborative efforts of the schools and the service center to bring the highest quality of instruction to every classroom in Region 18. ESC 18 will devote our operation to the purpose of servicing every district with effectiveness and efficiency to assure the success of all students.

We have a devoted staff of professional educators at ESC 18 that are here to service your needs.

Thank you for your efforts and support.
Dr. Dewitt Smith
Dr. Dewitt Smith
Executive Director
432.561.4311 (fax)
Pam King
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
432.561.4311 (fax)