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Student & School Support

General Information

The Student and School Services Department and the Region 18 ESC is comprised of veteran campus and district-level administrators with a wealth of knowledge and experience here to assist regional leaders in setting goals and coaching you on the job so you can achieve those goals. 

We provide districts and campuses with transformational pathways to accelerated academic success through PD, coaching, and implementation support in topics such as;

  • T-TESS
  • T-PESS
  • AEL
  • Lonestar Governance
  • Board Trainings
  • Superintendent Certification Course
  • Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)
  • Effective School Framework (ESF)
  • Accountability
  • Restorative Practices
  • Chapter 37 
  • Teach Like A Champion (TLAC)

Our services are focused on and related to the actions necessary to produce significant student achievement gains. Please complete a PD request today and let us help you set goals and create a plan for success.