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Resources for Migrant Students

Resources for Migrant Students

C.A.M.P (College Assistance Migrant Program) Universities in Texas


The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) assists students who are migratory or seasonal farmworkers (or children of such workers) enrolled in their first year of undergraduate studies at an Institution of Higher Education. The funding supports the completion of the first year of studies. 


National HEP CAMP Association

Scholarship Opportunities


Migrant Students Foundation


The Migrant Students Foundation, Inc. is a 501c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the hundreds of thousands of existing migrant farmworker families within the U.S. today by helping them connect with scholarships, internships and service learning opportunities.  We also aim to support the many dedicated staff and educators within the migrant education community as well as other professionals within the government and private industry that help migrant youth gain access to a higher education and a better future.   

Student in cap and gown

Migrant Student Graduate of

St. Edwards University (CAMP)