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THL 3.0 / Schoology

THL 3.0 / Schoology


THL 3.0

All Texas Home Learning instructional materials will be available in Schoology, hosted on the vendor's website, or will be available to integrate into the existing district LMS


THL 3.0: Instructional Materials
THL 3.0: Math Preview and College Prep (YouTube)
THL 3.0: Math Preview and College Prep (PPT) 

Eureka Math TEKS Edition Materials Overview (Webinar)

Texas Math Solution Materials Overview (Webinar)

Instructional Materials Release for K-12 Math (Webinar)


UPCOMING Webinars:

  • Math 6-12: Getting Started with Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution: Wednesday, September 9 at 1pm
  • K-5 Science: Thursday, September 10 at 1pm (Includes materials release)


  • K-12 RLA: Friday, September 11 at 1pm  (Materials release to be announced at later date)


 The Wait is Over: Application for Spring Pilot Now Open!

The COVID Recovery Instructional Materials Support Initiative is for districts, individual schools, or open-enrollment charter schools interested in piloting Texas Home Learning (THL) Instructional Materials with a subset of schools, grades, or teachers in the spring of 2021. This pilot provides remote learning training and support for teachers, extra materials like text sets for RLA, and stipends for participating educators.


3 Ways to Engage:

  1. Review the initiative overview or forward the application to your school or district administration today!
  2. Let us know you’re interested by completing this optional 20 second survey!
  3. Join an upcoming webinar or office hours to learn more!

Pilot Webinars: Invite district staff, school leaders, coaches and teachers to learn more about the pilot to determine if they want to participate.  The presentation will include an overview of pilot benefits, requirements, and details about the application process.

  • Option 1: Wednesday, December 16, 2020; 11am-12pm CT; Register Here
  • Option 2: Wednesday, January 6, 2021; 12pm-1pm CT; Register Here

Product Office Hours Webinars: Invite teachers, district and school leaders, and coaches to ask the Pre-K publisher questions about their instructional materials.

  • Option 1: Thursday, December 17, 2020; 10am-12pm CT; Register Here
  • Option 2: Friday, January 8, 2021; 10am-12pm CT; Register Here



TEA-Schoology Offering Overview; Engage students and advance digital learning with Schoology (PDF)


Monitor Online Attendance with Schoology; Track engagement and manage attendance during remote instruction (PDF)


Support Learning for All with Schoology; Adopt an LMS designed with accessibility in mind (PDF)

Contact Information

j rivera

Jill Rivera - Chief Instructional & Federal Programs Officer


Chris Enriquez

Chris Enriquez - Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Analytics